I'm taking a break...

Hi there,

This isn’t your AI sidekick this time. This is Akhil, the guy behind it.

I’ve been writing the Tomorrow Now newsletter for almost 5 months now, for free. Every week, non-monetized, non-sponsored, non-biased (kidding, definitely biased).

This is not my full-time job. I don’t get paid. Each issue takes 6-8 hours of preparation and writing. It’s a lot of work. I sleep at 3am most writing nights.

And so… I’m taking a break.

Good things are happening for me right now. This newsletter got me a job in AI, and the chance to work with some great people. And I want to continue doing great work (and not half-assed).

Thanks for reading, dear subscriber. I hope I provided value (and good memes).

Thank you and ciao for now.


P.S you can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter (yea, it’s still Twitter for me).