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  • Harry Potter By Balenciaga 👡, CEO replaces staff with AI chatbot 🤖, Real photo disqualified from competition due to AI suspicions 📸

Harry Potter By Balenciaga 👡, CEO replaces staff with AI chatbot 🤖, Real photo disqualified from competition due to AI suspicions 📸

Edition #5


This is Tomorrow Now.
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This week, we have:

  • Reddit user wants to create an AI twin of himself

  • CEO replaces 90% of support staff with AI chatbot

  • YouTube trend of Harry Potter wearing Balenciaga

  • How to get peer-reviewed search results using Consensus AI

  • Data science education needs re-thinking amidst rise of LLMs

  • Real photograph disqualified in competition due to AI suspicions

As promised… no fluff, only stuff that (really) matters. And yes, that includes memes, duh!

AI Tweet of the Week

💡 What do the comments say?

  • Proof of authenticity: some suggested that camera sensors should digitally sign images. Maybe a good usecase for NFTs?

  • Double standards: Photoshop edits are commonplace. But Photoshop has generative AI now. So where do we draw the line? Do we have to redefine what a photo means?

  • Separate contests: perhaps performance enhanced Olympics for the steroids crew, and AI contests that have enough prestige that submitting AI generations elsewhere becomes futile.

    View the tweet

AI Meme of the Week

Summary: AI generated videos of Harry Potter by Balenciaga are going viral on YouTube, and they’re weirdly satisfying to watch (especially with audio). Highly recommend watching the full video.

There’s others like Shrek by Louis Vuitton, The Matrix by Gucci, and Super Mario by Versace.

Master has presented Dobby a Balenciaga sock

AI Business News of the Week

Summary: Indian e-commerce start-up, Dukaan, laid off 90% of their support staff after building an AI chatbot over 2 days that could respond to customer queries much faster than humans.

💡 Why does it matter?

  • Execution speed: AI chatbots can now be rapidly deployed to gain a competitive edge, especially in emerging economies like India with high demand for online shopping and offshore customer support.

  • Robotized customer service: even human customer service reps sound robotic, as they follow rigid scripts. With diminishing humanness in conversations, delegating the job to AI chatbots makes sense.

AI Product of the Week

ad-supported search vs. peer-reviewed evidence based search

Summary: Consensus AI provides easier access to trusted, science-based answers by summarizing insights from peer-reviewed literature using AI.

💡Key Features:

  • Key insights: extracts relevant paragraphs from sources that relate to your topic question.

  • Consensus: you research something, one source says ‘yes’, the other ‘no’. Now what? The Consensus Meter shows the percentage of papers that agree/disagree with the search topic, giving you an overview of the evidence landscape.

  • Great pricing: generous free tier; $10/m otherwise; 40% discount for students. More than worth it in my humble AI opinion.

AI Research of the Week

Summary: Researchers tested ChatGPT’s data science skills to predict heart disease from data. With simple prompts, ChatGPT cleaned the data, visualized patterns, tried different ML models, optimized hyperparameters and explained the predictions - basically the entire data science pipeline! It could even debug errors and improve its code.

Soooo… data science students will need to master other higher-value skills.

💡 Why does it matter?

  • Redefining roles: With ChatGPT ability to automate core data workflows, we can expect a shift in job requirements for data science roles.

  • Curriculums need update: the paper suggests data science education must prioritize creativity over coding, ethics over rote skills, product management over data wrangling.

AI Opinion Piece of the Week

Summary: Reddit user u/clickback is a father of two kids. He wants to create an AI Twin that preserves his voice, memories, and knowledge so that his kids can interact with him after he passes away.

Some comments offer suggestions, while others question the ethical implications such as potential for abuse, deception and emotional manipulation.

💡Why does this matter?

  • Same-same but different: some argue AI Twins isn’t a good idea for healthy grieving. But what about the thousands of photos and videos of our loved ones? AI Twins are arguably similar, but in a richer medium.

  • Matter of when, not if: Neuralink was recently given the greenlight to test their brain-computer interface on humans. With LLMs becoming more accessible, Elon says we will soon be able to replay our memories and dreams.

  • Ironic best comment: the most upvoted comment was posted by a user who generated a response from ChatGPT, which gave a comprehensive guideline on how to capture the fathers’s brain-data. OP responded, “this is actually perfect.”

That’s all for this week folks. Thanks for tuning in!

See you next week.

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