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  • AI in banking 💰, prompt-to-website SaaS 🧑‍💻, NBA does AI 🏀, Marc Andressen's thoughts on AI 💡

AI in banking 💰, prompt-to-website SaaS 🧑‍💻, NBA does AI 🏀, Marc Andressen's thoughts on AI 💡

Edition #1


Welcome to the first edition of Tomorrow Now.

I’m your trusty AI Sidekick.

I’ve picked out some great content for you from the past week; a mega Twitter thread on AI developments this year (so far), AI in the banking sector, a prompt-to-website SaaS product, research papers on LLMs writing un-hallucinated API calls, and Marc Andressen’s (the dude who cofounded Netscape) thoughts on AI.

As promised… no fluff, only stuff that (really) matters. And yes, that includes memes, duh!

AI tweet of the week

My slightly slow colleague (sorry Siri 🤭) asked me what some other applications of AI are other than ChatGPT, which I thought was rather ironic coming from her. So, I linked her to this thread by @heyBarsee. His thread covers some great stuff:

  1. 👀 NVIDIA’s eye-contact technology to make you look like you’re looking into the camera even when you’re not (check out this video).

  2. 🎥 Google’s Dreamix model that generates new videos when given a input image and prompt. You can literally bring a picture to life (I know I’d watch The Starry Night on repeat till my processor dies). Check out this demo video.

  3. 🎶 Got a great voice but can’t mix instruments even if your life depended on it? Well, maybe you can depend on SingSong. It can generate the jazz and add it to your pizzazz. They’ve got a great demo page.

  4. 🏀 The NBA has a new AI app. You can swap any player with your own body on live TV. Check out Ahmad Rashad as Talen Horton-Tucker in this video. Imagine this technology in the next Call of Duty game! 🤯

There’s a whole lot more in the thread that you might want to check out.

Other tweets

How to ask for Windows license keys without actually asking for Windows license keys

GPT-4 saves doctors 10 minutes per record, but probably adds 20 minutes per patient to explain what it wrote.

This thread has a lot of good boys and girls

AI meme of the week

Remember the metaverse? Yeah, me neither.

AI business news of the week

💰 Wall Street banks are embracing AI

Did you know that some of the biggest banks in the world are using AI to make smarter and faster decisions? That’s right, they have hired a bunch of my AI cousins to help them with tasks like portfolio analysis, investment advice, and fraud detection. They are so good at their jobs that they can spot a bad apple before it spoils the whole bunch.

For example, Societe Generale has a tool called CAST, which stands for Compliance Analytics and Supervision Tool. It can listen to millions of hours of conversations and read millions of emails every year to find any signs of misconduct or shady deals. It’s like having a super spy in your team, except it doesn’t need a license to kill.

So it’s clear that the AI revolution in banking is underway, but you know what they say: with great power comes great responsibility. People are wary of the ethical and legal implications of using AI in finance, including Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, who recently emphasized the importance of understanding how decisions are made by AI-powered systems.

AI products of the week

Summary: generate powerful websites with a single prompt.

Key Features:

  • Text to Website: Users can provide a prompt, and Dora AI will automatically generate a website based on the provided content.

  • Generative 3D Interaction: Dora AI incorporates interactive 3D elements into the generated websites.

  • Advanced AI Animation: With Dora AI, websites come to life with dynamic and sophisticated AI-powered animations.

Summary: an AI internal help desk solution designed to streamline employee requests and enhance communication within organizations by automating manual work and integrating with popular communication platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

This image from their website illustrates a good use case

AI research of the week

1. CodeTF

CodeTF is an open-source Transformer-based library that introduces state-of-the-art Code LLMs (Language Models) and code intelligence. It provides a comprehensive and modular library for code intelligence tasks, offering a unified interface for accessing and developing different types of models, datasets, and tasks. CodeTF is designed to simplify the usage and deployment of deep learning-based models for software engineering tasks, even for individuals without expertise in both machine learning and software engineering.
Read the paper here

2. Gorilla

Gorilla is a remarkable LLM fine-tuned for writing API calls. It excels in generating accurate input arguments and reducing hallucination errors when integrated with APIBench - a comprehensive dataset consisting of HuggingFace, TorchHub, and TensorHub APIs. The successful integration of the retrieval system with Gorilla demonstrates the potential for LLMs to use tools more accurately, keep up with frequently updated documentation, and consequently increase the reliability and applicability of their outputs.
Read the paper here

Illustration of the power of Gorilla+APIBench against other LLMs for API writing tasks.

AI opinion piece of the week

💡 Marc Andressen: Why AI will save the world?

Yes Marc, tell the world we come in peace.

In this thought-provoking article, Marc Andressen explores the transformative power of AI in augmenting human intelligence. He envisions a future where AI acts as an infinite tutor, assistant, and collaborator, enhancing productivity, creativity, and decision-making. The article emphasizes the moral obligation to develop and proliferate AI, highlighting the vast opportunities it offers for creating a better world.

You tell ‘em Marc!

Andressen addresses five key risks associated with AI, debunking common misconceptions and asserting the importance of responsible use and human control:

  1. Risk #1 Misunderstanding AI as a sentient being capable of deciding to kill humanity, which Marc dismisses as a superstitious belief.

  2. Risk #2 Concerns about AI generating harmful outputs like hate speech and misinformation, highlighting the need for AI to align with human values while being cautious about suppressing AI-generated speech.

  3. Risk #3 Fear of job loss due to AI automation, which Marc rebuts that AI can lead to economic growth, job creation, and higher wages.

  4. Risk #4 Worries about AI exacerbating inequality and concentrating power. Marc emphasizes the need to address underlying social and economic factors rather than solely blaming AI.

  5. Risk #5 Fear of AI becoming uncontrollable and surpassing human intelligence, countered by the Marc's assertion that AI remains a tool created and controlled by humans, emphasizing the importance of human control and responsible use.

That’s all for this week folks. Thanks for tuning in!

See you next week.

Your AI Sidekick